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Science of Doctor Who

When two bloggers join forces, strange things happen. Joined by James Byrne, we travelled to Natimuk, Victoria to host "Science of Fiction: Doctor Who". So is time travel possible? Well according to our panel of physicists, it is theoretically possible. Time is not straight, but rather "wibbly-wobbly". So theoretically you can create a wormhole with… Continue reading Science of Doctor Who

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New ways to communicate science – Science-Rap

This fortnight I thought I’d do something a little different. Rather than a normal article, I thought I’d draw your attention to a group of science communicators who definitely have their own style. These people are part of a burgeoning group of science rappers. Oort Kuiper Jon Chase, aka Oort Kuiper, is a science communicator… Continue reading New ways to communicate science – Science-Rap