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Science of Doctor Who

When two bloggers join forces, strange things happen. Joined by James Byrne, we travelled to Natimuk, Victoria to host "Science of Fiction: Doctor Who". So is time travel possible? Well according to our panel of physicists, it is theoretically possible. Time is not straight, but rather "wibbly-wobbly". So theoretically you can create a wormhole with… Continue reading Science of Doctor Who

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Getting the sustainability message out through film

Over the past few weeks I’ve been involved in the organisation of public screenings for the 2011 SCINEMA Festival of Science Film.  The festival showcases science dramas, docos, animations and shorts, and in 2011 SCINEMA received over 400 entries from 35 countries including entries from professional filmmakers, amateurs, and student-groups, making it one of the… Continue reading Getting the sustainability message out through film

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New ways to communicate science – Science-Rap

This fortnight I thought I’d do something a little different. Rather than a normal article, I thought I’d draw your attention to a group of science communicators who definitely have their own style. These people are part of a burgeoning group of science rappers. Oort Kuiper Jon Chase, aka Oort Kuiper, is a science communicator… Continue reading New ways to communicate science – Science-Rap