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Science of Doctor Who

When two bloggers join forces, strange things happen. Joined by James Byrne, we travelled to Natimuk, Victoria to host "Science of Fiction: Doctor Who". So is time travel possible? Well according to our panel of physicists, it is theoretically possible. Time is not straight, but rather "wibbly-wobbly". So theoretically you can create a wormhole with… Continue reading Science of Doctor Who

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The Square Kilometre Array – Australia’s final pitch

Last week saw the final pitches delivered by the two consortiums bidding for the SKA: Australia and New Zealand, and South Africa. These pitches were delivered at the SKA2011 conference in Canada and provided the final opportunity for each consortium to convince the selection panel that their region was the better site for the SKA… Continue reading The Square Kilometre Array – Australia’s final pitch

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New ways to communicate science – Science-Rap

This fortnight I thought I’d do something a little different. Rather than a normal article, I thought I’d draw your attention to a group of science communicators who definitely have their own style. These people are part of a burgeoning group of science rappers. Oort Kuiper Jon Chase, aka Oort Kuiper, is a science communicator… Continue reading New ways to communicate science – Science-Rap

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SKA: The technical aspect of a mega project

SKA is not only about astronomy. The technological advances just to bring SKA to fruition, never mind its operation, will have wide-ranging benefits for everyone. The SKA project will cost approximately $3 billion to build, and $150 million per year thereafter to run, with a projected lifespan of 50 years. Additionally, around $300 million dollars… Continue reading SKA: The technical aspect of a mega project

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SKA: Something Kinda Awesome

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, with pre-historic civilisations examining the sky and the motion of stars and planets. Since then the technology has improved constantly, but now an ambitious project will truly push the boundaries of our understanding of the universe by building the world’s largest telescope. This telescope won’t be a single… Continue reading SKA: Something Kinda Awesome