About Me

I’m Ben, and I tell science stories.

Wind the clock back and you would have found me working in a research lab. With a PhD in skin cancer biology and molecular pharmacology, I spent years growing, then killing, skin cancer cells to help understand ways we could stop them in their tracks.

But one day I realised I liked telling science stories more than actually doing the science.

Now I write about science, make videos and documentaries, make social media content, and appear weekly on various radio stations around Australia. I’m also Editor of Australia’s Science Channel, where I get to go searching for the best science stories from around our country and work with content creators bring them to life.

And I can help bring your communications to life. I’ve overseen the development of communications and content strategies that resonate with stakeholders, build audiences, and enhance messages.

Over my career so far, I’ve worked with people like Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jane Goodall, Bill Nye, Alan Duffy, Ann Druyan, and some other amazing science storytellers.

I love working on space stories – I’ve told stories with more astronauts than I can count (and the guy that plays Kryten from Red Dwarf). I’ve also worked with space engineers, space archaeologists, ISS flight controllers, and the astronomers and astrophysicists who make us wonder about the universe. I’ve even co-written and produced a nationally touring comedy-science stage show about a particular space/time TV show with BBC Worldwide.

But I don’t only tell stories that occur off Earth. The stories that happen right here around us that excite me just as much. From coral to cancer, elephants to electric cars, I’ve written, spoken or made videos about nearly every topic there is.

I’m into the weird, the wacky, and the stuff that just doesn’t make sense. I’m that annoying guy always asking questions. I’m also always up for doing weird stuff to food, drinking wine, and especially watching motorsport. If I can do all that while exploring another country – even better.

Drop me a line for a chat – thatscienceguy(at)gmail.com

Homepage image courtesy of Audrey Hubin.