About Me

I’m Ben, and I tell science stories.

Wind the clock back and you would have found me working in a research lab. With a PhD in skin cancer biology and molecular pharmacology, I spent years growing, then killing, skin cancer cells.

But one day I realised I liked telling science stories more than actually doing the science.

After more than a decade of bringing science to the public, through live event production, science journalism, videos and documentaries, and social media content, I now work with scientists at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute to help them explain what they do. From editing grant applications to running workshops on communication, writing and public speaking, I help out anytime a scientist needs to tell someone else about their work.

I’ve worked with people like Brian Cox, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jane Goodall, Bill Nye, Alan Duffy, Ann Druyan, and other amazing science storytellers including numerous astronauts, elite athletes and Antarctic explorers. I’ve even co-written and produced a nationally touring Doctor Who comedy-science stage show with BBC Worldwide. You can also hear me talking science on ABC and commercial radio stations around the country.

And I can help bring your communications to life. I’ve trained scientists in public speaking and storytelling, and helped speakers win public speaking competitions. I’ve also overseen the development of communications and content strategies that resonate with stakeholders, build audiences, and enhance messages.

Drop me a line for a chat – thatscienceguy(at)gmail.com

Homepage image courtesy of Audrey Hubin.